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Forwarder LVS 511

Forwarder LVS 511

Novotný LVS 511 is the smallest machine in Novotný forwarder range. This 5 ton loading capacity machine has been designed mainly for thinning. It is compact small size forwarder with minimum impact on forest ground. Spacious and safety cabin together with comfortable revolving seat provides to the driver perfect environment.  

Forwarder is built from components from leading suppliers. Powerful and fuel saving FPT engine together with perfect Rexroth hydraulic components make the machine effective in all forest conditions. The 8 wheeled narrow chassis is sturdy and reliable. Quick and precise crane is highly productive and it helps to the operator minimize damage on standing trees.

Bosch Rexroth locking system - flow divider - enables smooth movement with full load even in the roughest forest terrain.

Forwarder LVS 511 is easy for service with low operation and maintenance costs. LVS 511 is thanks to its technical parameters ideal forwarder for CTL method in thinings.

We are also offering wide range of optional equipment which makes the forwarder more versatile for different purposes.


Strengths of Novotný LVS 511:

  • 8 wheel drive - better traction, lower impact on ground
  • Bogie axles on front and rear chassis - better in forest terrain
  • Minimum of electronic
  • Possible using of chains and tracks on front and rear axles


Forwarder TypeLVS 511
Engine FPT
Type of engine F34
Engine output 55 kW/2300 rpm
Transmission Hydrostatic
Traction 8 x 8
Hydraulic system Bosch Rexroth
Locking Hydraulic - flow divider
Number of speed 2 + regulation
Tires 400/60 - 15,5 [500/40 - 17,5]
Electric system  
Voltage 12 V
Alternator 90 A
Working lights 8 x 70 W
Crane MOWI P25 MOWI P30 Moheda M40
Reach [m] 5,2 5,7 6,5
Lifting capacity [kg] 420 450 450
Telescope - - YES
Width 1860mm [2060 mm]
Height 2960 mm
Lenght 6950 - 7750 mm
Ground clearance 450 mm
Machine weight 4475 - 5500 kg according to equipment
Loading capacity 5000 kg

Spacious and safety cabin with perfect visibility. Comfortable

revolving seat with joysticks, radio with MP3 player. 

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