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Forwarder LVS 520

Forwarder LVS 520

Forwarder for the use in the forestry Novotný LVS 520 is designed mainly for thinning. Low impact on forest ground and standing trees, comfort for operators, low operating costs and high productivity of machine played an important role during construction of forwarder LVS 520. Massive 8 wheeled chassis together with 500 mm tires guarantee high stability and good traction even in the most difficult forest terrains.

Spacious, safety and air-conditioned cabin can rotate some 180° degrees, this together with easy machine operating, colored electronic display and unique view to the working space provide high comfort for operator. Great chassis, FPT engine with 75 kW output, Sauer Danfoss hydraulic components, SCAD control system from Adcis and Cranab crane FC 45 Tele classify forwarder Novotný LVS 520 to the highest rating in its class. 

We are offering a wide range of optional equipment.

Forwarder TypeLVS 520
Engine FPT
Type of engine F36
Engine output 75 kW/2300 rpm
Transmission Mechanical differentials with 100% locking             
Traction 8 x 8
Hydraulic system Danfoss
Locking Hydrostatic with mechanical differentials
Number of speed 2 + potentiometer
Tires 500/50-20 Alliance 331 Forest [600/40 - 22,5]
Electric system  
Voltage 24 V
Alternator 60 A
Working lights 8 x 70 W
Color display 7" 
Crane CRANAB FC 45 Tele [CRANAB FC 53 Tele]
Reach [m] 6,1 [6,5]
Lifting capacity [kg] 570 [632]
Telescope YES
Width [mm] 2100 [2300]
Height [mm] 2910
Lenght [mm] 7160 - 7960
Ground clearance [mm] 440
Loading capacity [kg] 5000

Turnable cabin 180°, with perfect visibility. Cabin

is equipped with air suspended, heated seat,

mini-joysticks, comfortable armrests, radio with

MP3 player and air-condition in standard.

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