Tradition of production since 1991
BOBEK skid steer loaders
Forwarder LVS 511
Forwarder LVS 520
Forwarder LVS 720

About company

Strojírna Novotný s.r.o. is a machine-engineering company specialising in the manufacture of weldments, loaders, and forwarders. The company, established in 1991, has two production plants in the Czech Republic, situated approx. 5 km from each other. The Dubicko plant produces weldments for loaders and additional equipment mainly for the German company Weidemann, partly also for our own production. The Vitošov plant specialises in the assembly of our own machines. On 1 Jan 2011 the company transformed from a physical entity to a limited liability company. More informations about company read HERE >>.

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NOVOTNÝ s.r.o.

Vitošov 50, 789 01

+420 583 414 579

International forestry exhibition Maamess in estonian Tartu


One year passed, April is over and we visited the Maamess exhibition in Estonian Tartu again, where we exhibited the LVS520 and the skid steer loader B861.

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8. - 12. 4. 2018

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LVS 520 in snowy Krkonose Mountains


No weather can stop us 

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