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Forwarder Novotný LVS 511

The forwarder LVS 511 is the smallest forwarder. This forwarder of Novotný family designed to forward wood primarily from thinning and random salvage logging.

The loading area is used for transporting 2 to 5 metre long assortments. Load capacity is of 5,000 kg. Model LVS 511 has great parameters for thinning, a 75 horse-power, 3.4 litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged IVECO engine that meets the requirements of the Stage 5 emission standard and provides the forwarder with enough power and low fuel consumption. The efficient hydraulic system with 2 pumps and 4 hydraulic motors by Rexroth provides a maximum pulling force of 77 kN. The forwarder is equipped with a flow divider, which, when engaged, evenly distributes the effect of the traction force of the hydraulic motors in a 1:1 ratio between the right and left axle. The model has 400 mm tires as a standard, but 500 mm tires are also very popular, providing the forwarder with even lower ground pressure. The 511 model has the most spacious cabin in its class and provides enough space even for the most robust of operators, while providing great view. The LVS 511 forwarder uses proven Swedish hydraulic cranes MOWI P25, MOWI P30 or MOHEDA M40 with telescopic extension. The hydraulic crane can have a reach of 6.6 metres and a loading capacity of 1,100 kg at 3 metres

Thanks to its parameters, the LVS 511 is the ideal tool for cut-to-lenght logging in thinning. The wheels on the front and rear axle, as with all Novotný forwarder, keep the same footprint, which is essential for easy manoeuvrability in clearings.

 Reliable and powerful engine 74 hp/2500 rpm
 Permanent 8-wheel drive
 Width of only 1.86 metres
 High pulling force of 77 kN
 Low ground pressure – weight distribution on 8 wheels
 Optional hydraulic crane
 Spacious and comfortable cab
 5,000 kg load capacity


Technical parameters: 


Forwarder Novotný LVS 511Forwarder Novotný LVS 511Forwarder Novotný LVS 511Forwarder Novotný LVS 511Forwarder Novotný LVS 511Forwarder LVS 511Forwarder LVS 511Forwarder LVS 511Forwarder LVS 511

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