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Strojírna Novotný s.r.o. is a machine-engineering company specialising in the manufacture of weldments, loaders and forwarders. The company was established in 1991, it has two production plants in the Czech Republic, situated approx. 5 km from each other. The Dubicko plant produces weldments for loaders and additional equipment mainly for the German company Weidemann, partly also for our own production. The Vitošov plant specialises in the assembly of our own machines. On 1st of January 2011 the company transformed from a natural person to a limited liability company.
Currently work at the company 93 employees, the majority in the production.
The machines manufactured by company Strojírna Novotný s.r.o. have a wide range of applications, from agriculture, through construction to forestry.
The company manufactures its own skid steer loaders, known as BOBEK since 1997. In 2000, the company launched the medium-sized articulated loader B 2000, which is produced in three variants.
Strojírna Novotný s.r.o. has been producing forestry equipment since 2004, and in the field of forestry equipment it focuses on the production of small forwarders, whose use in timber forwarding reduces damage to forest land and reduces the negative impact of the technology on forest ecosystems.

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