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Raup -Trac RT50

RT 50

Technical specifications

- Yanmar diesel engine
- Diesel particle filter (Stage V)
- Power 48,3 HP
- El. Engine monitoring

Traction drive
- hydrostatic stepless with integrated parking brake
- two driven wheels
- Chain 300mm (hydraulic tighten)

Hydraulic system

- 2 variable displacement pumps for the travel drives
- 1 variable displacement pump for winch drive independent of the travel drive  

- All functions radio controlled

- Adler optionally 5.5t or 6.0t
- Drive hydrostatically forwards and backwards with variable motor stepless

Rear shield hub
- Hydraulic double-acting stroke
- Feed roller adjustable in height 250 mm

- 2550 kg

- length 2950 mm
- width 1570 mm
- height 1650 mm

- traction winch
- snow chains
- pointed chains
- bands for wet or steep terrain
- mulcher
- wood chipper

Raup -Trac RT50Raup -Trac RT50Raup -Trac RT50

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