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Forwarder LVS 720

 Forwarder Novotný LVS 720

The forwarder Novotný LVS 720 is a designed for thinning, can be used in forest areas of higher age classes. It is excellent for a medium harvester, where the minimum daily output is about 100 m3.The advantage is the ratio of power, dimensions, weight of the machine and its load capacity. It has excellent utility properties, is very flexible and, thanks to its low weight and wide 600 mm standard tires (710 mm optional), causes very little soil damage.

We use a CUMMINS engine with an output of 97 kW to drive the forwarder.
The transmission of driving force is ensured by means of a travel pump and hydraulic motors, which drive the mechanical differentials from NAF.

In basic, we use a crane CRANAB FC 53Tele with a telescopic extension with a length of 8.5 m with a load capacity of 1130 kg in 3 meters and with speed control of individual functions.

All machine functions are electronically controlled by specially developed Danfoss PlusOne software. The system allows individual settings for up to 8 operators, the adjustment are made using a color touch screen. Air conditioning cabin and a radio with MP3 player are already standard.The cabin meets ISO ROPS, OPS and FOPS standards.

The forwarder LVS 720 is a medium forwarder with a load capacity of 7.5 tons. Assortments from 2 to 5 meters can be loaded on the loading area. The LVS 720 has the same comfortable and spacious cabin as the LVS 520, the cabin can be rotated 180 °.

We are offering a wide range of optional equipment.

Technical parameters: 

Forwarder LVS 720Forwarder LVS 720Forwarder LVS 720Forwarder LVS 720Forwarder LVS 720Forwarder LVS 720Forwarder LVS 520Forwarder LVS 720

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